People, place, technology, and innovation are central to our design approach. At every scale these key elements play an important role. Our projects range in size and type, including single family homes, retail, mixed-use, office buildings, laboratories, public buildings, higher education, temporary structures, adaptive re-use, competitions and upgrades.

Signage and Facade

Way-finding and street scape beautification are central to a holistic approach to building design. How an occupant navigates the space inside, and experience it from outside, greatly impacts the experience of the users. Signage and facades are integral extensions, or at times, drivers of the design.


Masterplanning is driven by research, requiring that we look at the site for its historical context, the implications of the natural environment such as wind, air, and sun, the desired program, and the forecasting of future use and needs. Respecting the context of the site, while inviting innovation are the challenges of masterplanning. Our work includes large scale master planning, campus master planning, urban planning studies, landscape and park design, feasibility studies and competitions.

Interior Architecture / Tenant Improvement

Interior design, product design, and tenant improvement are opportunities to serve the users directly, having a direct impact on comfort, usability, and human interactions. Our studio has been involved in the design of award winning retail spaces, and in the design for tenant improvement and furniture pieces.


Our team is constantly striving to find ways to serve our local community. As designers we believe it is our responsibility to make design and urban planning improvements to the betterment of all. Some of our current investigative studies include street safety improvements at West Adams, Kit of Parts, and container structures as community hubs.