VS Neutra Furniture Collection

VS Neutra Furniture Collection

CLIENT: Richard Neutra Collection by VS


PROGRAM: Contemporary approach to furniture

the inherent connection of furniture, user, and space

Most of the furniture designed by Richard Neutra was purpose built for a specifc location, a house, a space, a space continuum. Materials and colors refect the time when they were created, while also being completely in tune with their purpose and function. Material and color choices are indicative of what the market had to offer at that time, subdued in color and overall expression: dark wood surfaces, heavy fabrics, and warm tones of color mixed in with the bright and shiny metal components. 

VS has taken on the role - for the frst time - to recreate and manufacture Neutra’s furniture that dates back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is a tall order given the modern manufacturing advances and superior detailing of furniture today. The outcome is remarkable in detail and quality and it is a direct representation of the time from which they originated.



our process

Studio Jantzen was approached by VS to develop a fresh and more contemporary approach to colors, textures, and fabrics for the Neutra furniture, without compromising the original spirit of their design and function.

In our first attempt we did not push things far enough. In the process we started to realize that as with every material in architecture – there is always a tendency to sever links between object and context, in order for them to then freely and further develop individually within the context of their own inherent order. Individual elements separate from one another and form new relationships and associations: e.g. we realized that the choice of a bright color or the choice of an ethnic patterned fabric will change the mood and atmosphere within the architectural space. And this excited us!

The following choices of colors, and fabrics are indicative of this process to create unexpected and new relationships between furniture, the user, and the space.


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