A+D Celebrate: Shelter

A+D Celebrate: Shelter

CLIENT: A+D Museum

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



PROGRAM: Shelter Study

Coming Home!

Seeking shelter is a primal and basic human need we all experience on a daily basis, from primitive huts and tents to glamorous and sprawling homes. The setting dictates most of the shelter’s attributes in terms of materiality, protection, orientation, structure, and building systems. Unfortunately, we have grown too accustomed to the prototypical building types, their look, shape, and material choices, and – in most part- this has numbed our senses.

Our approach to shelter is based on observation and need, separating out individual layers of function – such as skin, envelope and structure – in order to recreate and establish new found relationships between them, and deliberately twisting human imagination and perception on how shelter can become a fun, playful, and exhilarating experience in our lives.

Coming Home! is a new experience of arriving at shelter, intriguing our senses and creating awe while continuing to meet a home's basic functions of protection from weather, safety and privacy.