At Studio Jantzen, we believe in a new paradigm in architecture that investigates and reestablishes relationship between built environment and natural world. System theory holds that “structure determines behavior”; and we design structures that feel alive and create the conditions for their inhabitants, as well as their environment, to thrive.


Sustainability is not a trend – it’s a mandate. “Enlightened architecture” in the 21st century must not only stimulate the senses but also create lasting value through conscious engagement with context, culture, and climate. Our designs show great respect for the environment, we strive to integrate sustainable technology with the natural world in ways that reduce our dependency on mechanical systems while maintaining comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Our approach to design is one of full integration, in which sustainability is not considered a mere “add-on”, but is critical to every decision..


We value clear communication and believe in the wisdom of “collective intelligence,” in which the process benefits from the participation of all stakeholders, including clients, consultants and contractors. Our design process is based on full transparency and uses an integrated approach that requires all participating parties to evaluate the project’s objectives, materials, and systems, as well as costs, future flexibility, environmental impact and benefits to occupants. We love interaction and discussion, and our open-minded, collaborative approach to design not only encourages insight and creativity, but also helps the client to feel included and at ease. Trust is the foundation from which excellence can emerge.


We don’t take anything for granted; every project is a new adventure for us and each design has a life of its own. We believe that understanding the genius loci, or singular “spirit of place”, is essential in uncovering the highest potential of a work of architecture and is guiding the best choice of composition, structure and materiality. In embracing the core principals of contemporary design, we combine knowledge of the latest technological innovations with an abiding environmental sensibility, in the belief that architecture must co-exist with nature and not destroy it. We achieve this by using and intelligent systems approach, tempered by intuition and common sense. We adopt our design process to the distinct set of objectives, parameters, challenges and concerns that each client may have and select the tools that respond to the specifics and the complexity of the design.




We design for people first: they are the center of each creative decision we make. Our aesthetic vision puts the comfort, wellbeing, health, lifestyle, and happiness of each person and the community they live in first. Without people, design has no purpose.


Light is the very essence of life. It is essential to every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual being. The magical interplay of shadow and light is a gift that we cherish and treat with sensitivity and respect. The phenomenon of light inspires and illuminates our work.


We live and dream in color and our architecture reflects that. We are attracted to the sensual saturated hues of the warmer, more vibrant end of the spectrum, because they appeal to us in a visceral way, bringing space to life.


The textures, patterns and tactility of materials are an essential part of creating a variety of experiences in architecture, from awe-inspiring joy, to blissful ease and comfort. Balancing natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick, with technical counterparts, like concrete, steel and glass, and the exciting new composite materials now available is a design challenge that helps us creating the architecture of the present day.